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Most Haunted Spots In Spooky Eastbourne

14 October 2016

Did you know that Eastbourne is home to many reported paranormal sightings and unnerving experiences? Once you’ve read these haunting tales you will never look at Halloween in the same way. Here are a few of Eastbourne’s most haunted sites, visit if you dare…


Spooky Redoubt

 Ye Olde Bakery, Seaside Road

Yes, you read correctly. Seaside Road’s Ye Olde Bakery has been standing since 1790 and with every old building comes a fascinating but daunting history. The building is owned by Mrs Margaret Mander and her husband who tells the tale of the ghost witch that haunts it.

This witch was a scary old lady who always dressed in black and terrified the local children. Her presence is still strongly felt in the building and many people have said they would not risk staying overnight at fear of what may happen.
Across the years, the staff have all reported an unsettling atmosphere. Several times, the bakery has been visited by those with psychic abilities, all of which have sensed the presence of the Phantom Witch who dressed in black.

Every now and again, the door bangs for no apparent reason and appliances that were off have been switched on but Margaret says “We know exactly who it is.”

The Haunting at Elms Avenue   
Late in the 1990s, a lady visited a house in Elms Avenue, Eastbourne with the intention of buying it for herself and her family. The estate agent showed her around along with another gentleman, who did not say a single word as they walked through the house. The silent man wore a black overcoat, black homburg hat and had a particularly eerie presence about him. The lady felt that the man was looking her over to see whether he approved of her buying the house.

She bought the property and it took just three months until ghostly activity began to occur. While living with her two daughters, doors would unexplainably slam during the night, the building began to smell unpleasant and footsteps could be heard when no-one was there. Eventually, an opportunity presented itself for the family to move elsewhere and so they did.

A year after moving, the lady was watching a black and white TV programme… It had an old musical hall star sat in a chair with a ventriloquist’s dummy. The gentleman was wearing a black overcoat, black homburg hat and then she realised… “It’s him, the man who showed me around the house!”

The man was Sandy Powell, a famous musical hall star of the pre and post war periods. He was an Eastbourne resident for 50 years and used to live in the house. But when he accompanied her at the house viewing, he had already been dead for ten years…

Redoubt Fortress, Royal Parade

This Georgian building was built over 200 years ago to defend the coastline in the Napoleonic war. The building has been home to a huge scope of residents, used in the First and Second World War as a base for troops and as a possible prison. The fortress has seen it all, being home to aquatic life as well as a school so it’s no surprise the building can be home to some unexpected guests…

In the building there have been sightings of a strange ghost who crouches on the gun platform, and an unsettling, haunting atmosphere can be sensed particularly in Casemate 11.

The Redoubt Fortress hosts Twilight Tours, a ghost walk which guides you through the dark and cold building… Do you dare to walk the Fortress at night?

The Lamb Inn, Old Town

This quaint building which dates back to 16th century is known to be haunted by several ghosts. Gulp. The building has been used for a variety of reasons and has been occupied by a variety of visitors.

Below the Inn is a cellar and vaulted crypt which date back to 1180 when it was a monastic house. The building had a collapsed tunnel which was used as a safe passage for clergymen as it was connected to a parsonage. The tunnel which connects the two is said to be haunted by a White Lady ghost.

As well as this, members of staff have been seriously freaked out after seeing a ghostly figure of a tall man in the pub. He is described as being in his early forties and having curly blonde hair, so if you see him- he isn’t your average punter.

Coming from the laundry room are the creepy sounds of a little girl crying, while the building is also said to be haunted by the ghosts of two prostitutes who once lived and worked at the inn when it was used as a brothel.

Guests who don’t mind staying with unexpected company can book a night’s stay at the Lamb Inn.

Michelham Priory

Michelham Priory seems to be a haven for ghostly happening. It has appeared on TV’s “Most Haunted”. One of the many ghosts reported here is Thomas Sackville, who once owned the priory. Sackville still haunts the halls to this day tormenting the spirit of a young girl called Rosie. She is reported to hide in the wood panelling at the top of the stairs to stay clear of her tormentor.

Seen on many occasions, is the Grey Lady, who is regularly sighted by the bridge and the gate house. She’s been caught near the moat staring into the water supposedly mourning her child who drowned in there many years before her own death.

Other hauntings include a black hooded monk in the undercroft, a young boy in the kitchens, a maid in the hall and a lady dressed in Tudor clothing walking the corridors.

When Most Haunted filmed there, poltergeist activity was recorded with windows and doors opening and banging shut, as well as a chair moving by itself.


Now you’ve heard these disturbing stories, you’re in for a treat over Halloween. If you think you've got the guts to see this for yourself, the Redoubt Fortress, Michelham Priory and the haunted Royal Hippodrome Theatre all feature ghost tours so you can get your paranormal fix. You can also stay the night at the Lamb Inn, just be careful who knocks on your door...

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