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Unlocking the Science behind the Redoubt Fortress’ Iron Clad Doors

Culture and Cake returns to Eastbourne’s Redoubt Fortress on 20 May, unveiling the science behind the Fortress and revealing everything from the finer details of gunpowder to gruesome living conditions for its previous residents!

All will be revealed about the Fortress’ impressive build in this month’s session of Culture and Cake, “The Fortress of Knowledge: Unlocking the Science of the Redoubt”. From how the floating fortress was built and stays put, to the reasons why the moat will never fill with water, visitors will learn about the ins and outs of the 200 year old fortress followed by a slice of cake.

Image courtesy of Jarrold Publishing


Following the death of the Duke of Wellington, changes were starting to be made in the 1860’s however it took Florence Nightingale’s influence to make a real difference in the Fortress. The session will uncover this and more including how the new addition of a cannon, gas and water pipes improved the lives of the soldiers but sometimes made everything worse!

Culture and Cake continues every month and this year’s highlights include “A Perfect Dream of Delight” on 17 June with a focus on Eastbourne’s literary hero Lewis Carroll, as well as “Planes, Trains and Airships” on 15 July which tells the stories of the incredible pioneers in Eastbourne’s aviation history.

Tickets to ‘Culture and Cake’ costs £6 including entry to the Redoubt Fortress and a slice of cake from the vintage themed Outpost Café which offers bombardier brownies, colonel coffees and more on a daily basis.

For more information or to book online, please visit or telephone 01323 410300. Tickets can also be purchased at the Tourist Information Centre in Cornfield Road.

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