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Make a gingerbread bandstand

Christmas is a great time to do some baking and get creative with some festive treats to enjoy with family and friends! Combine that with a great Eastbourne institution and you've a recipe for fun!

Eastbourne Bandstand made of gingerbread


Gingerbread has to be a firm favourite of ours as one of the most festive treats to bake at Christmas. From gingerbread men and houses to reindeers and snowmen, the possibilities are endless!

We want to inspire you to create masterpieces you’re proud of, so we’ve had a go ourselves at one of Eastbourne’s most iconic spots! Here we have the Eastbourne Bandstand made entirely out of gingerbread and we can confirm it tasted delicious!

The Ultimate Gingerbread Recipe Front and Back Template

To create your own yummy gingerbread, begin by heating your oven to 200C/Fan 180C/Gas 6.


Grab a large bowl (you’re going to have a lot of mixture!) and mix 600g of plain flour, 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and 4 teaspoons of ground ginger together.


In a separate pan melt together 250g of unsalted butter with 200g of dark muscovado sugar and 7 tablespoons of golden syrup.

Roof Template

Once the butter has melted and your kitchen smells sweet as can be, combine the two mixtures together and create your dough. If the dough doesn’t come together straight away, simply add a little water!


Now that the dough is formed, it’s time to draw out the templates! 


Tip: When rolling out the dough, place grease proof paper underneath to easily transport the shaped dough to a baking tray!

Side Wall Template


Once your house smells like a blissful bakery and your gingerbread has cooled, it’s time to make the cement (500g icing sugar and 2 egg whites) to construct your house. We poured the icing into a piping bag to accurately pipe exactly where we needed.


Tip: If you’re struggling to keep the walls standing together place a mug either side to act as support until the icing dries!


Ta-dah! Your masterpiece is complete, now’s the chance to raid the Christmas themed sprinkles and add colour, glitter and all the festive joy!

If you’ve given this recipe a go, we’d love to see your results! Tag us in your pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @VisitEastbourne so we can see your yummy creations!

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