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Let's Learn This Summer

17 July 2017

Even though schools over for the year, summer is the best opportunity to continue learning creatively to keep the brain ticking over, yet still making memories and enjoying the holidays with the whole family!

We’ve found some of the most unique classrooms for your kids to learn and understand about the world around them in a fun and interactive way.

Our classroom number one is the child hood home of Anne Boleyn at Hever Castle. Come and join the fun and games at the knight and princess school experiencing what it was like to grow up as a child in a royal household, each session is included in the entry fee to Hever Castle! Meaning your knights and princesses can parade around all day at no extra cost to you and the best bit is they can come dressed as their favourite princess or knight!

Michelham Priory Tudor House

 Our second classroom is out in the woods at Michelham Priory, at their wildlife Wednesday activity on 16th August. The day is filled with activities that allow the kids to get up close and personal with lizards and snakes, just to name a few! Follow the nature trails around the woods to learn about the wildlife that live there and the many types of plant life. The best part about this day is the activity is already included in the entry fee! Why not venture into the Tudor mansion whilst you’re here to interact with the rooms and learn about Tudor life, listening to the tales and dressing up in Tudor attire, take a step back in time and immerse yourself in the Tudor era.

Kids as detectives at Redoubt Fortress



Learn how to be a detective at The Redoubt Fortress, classroom number three, with their mystery Monday workshops. Find the clues to solve the mystery, make your own disguise to hide from suspects, crack the secret codes and many more activities to keep your kids on their toes dreaming of a career as a detective.

The final classroom we’ve found to be a perfect spot for abit of learning is Paradise Park! The planet earth museum lets you learn about Earth from its earliest beginning to where we are today. Start your journey at the beginning of time, following a timeline guiding you on your journey around the museum. Seeing what species evolved and how they developed. Learn through seeing and doing, leaving a bigger imprint on everyone’s minds. We’re sure that you’ll learn much more than you’ll ever imagine.

Learning doesn’t have to just be classroom based, summer’s an ideal time to keep your kids brains going and you never know you might learn something new aswell!

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