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Rare Saxon Claw Beaker Revealed at Culture & Cake

7 June 2018

The next Culture and Cake event on the menu will see the story behind a rare Saxon claw beaker revealed on Saturday 16 June at the Redoubt Fortress, as Heritage Manager Jo Seaman takes a lively look at some of the Anglo-Saxon discoveries in Eastbourne.


Rare Saxon Claw BeakerThe excavation of a major burial ground at St Anne’s Road in the 90’s, revealed many artefacts and Jo will be discussing some of the theories around burial treasures, what they signify and what people in Eastbourne may have used them for over 1,500 years ago.

The discovery of four incredibly rare glass claw beakers, the only ones ever found in Sussex, is archaeologically significant. The talk will argue that these are not just historical artefacts or treasure, but that they are also evidence of human emotional responses to losing a loved one, friend or even an enemy.

Jo will be revealing evidence from the successful Eastbourne Ancestors project to understand why people were buried in this way and how memory was used and symbolised during the theatre of burial and mourning.

Culture and Cake: Eastbourne’s Saxon Treasures starts at 2pm on Saturday 16 June at the Redoubt Fortress. Tickets cost £6 and include a hot drink and a piece of cake.

Tickets available at the Redoubt Fortress, telephone 01323 410300, or Eastbourne Tourist Information, or book online at

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