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British Museum Supports Extension of Eastbourne’s “Making Tracks: Bronze Age Mystery” Exhibition

14 October 2016

Eastbourne Pavilion’s “Making Tracks: Bronze Age Mystery” won’t be stopped in its tracks any time soon as it has been decided the free exhibition will stay open an extra five weeks until 18 December, after the British Museum have extended their loan period on some of their never been seen before exhibits.

Bronze Age Axes


The eye-opening exhibition uncovers the pre-historic mystery about life in Eastbourne, over 3000 years ago. The interactive exhibition has been brought to life through audio, video and animation and has had 16,000 visitors attend. Due to the success in attendance, the British Museum has decided to extend its loan period so that visitors have another chance to enjoy the precious artefacts and unravel the mysteries of the Bronze Age.

Inside ‘Making Tracks: Bronze Age Mystery’ is a replica of the wooden trackway that was discovered in Shinewater Park, 21 years ago, which has been of fascination to archaeologists across the country. While there is no conclusive evidence as to what the wooden trackway was built for, Heritage Eastbourne has four theories as to the idea behind its existence. They believe it could have been made to access some large settlement or farm or have been used for ritual and religious ceremonies, or more likely as a combination of all of these!

Eastbourne Borough Council Lead Cabinet Member for Tourism and Enterprise, Cllr Margaret Bannister said “Thank you to the British Museum who have extended their loan period so we can enjoy the fascinating exhibition that represents Eastbourne’s exciting history a little longer. From the trackway to the precious artefacts, all of these amazing discoveries suggest something very important took place in Eastbourne all those years ago and we must keep searching to uncover the mystery.”

Pavilion Bronze Age Exhibition

Amongst the ground-breaking discoveries are several artefacts such as Bronze Age jewellery, axes and an antler cheek piece from a horse’s harness; which is especially exciting as horses were rare in this era suggesting it may have belonged to somebody with an elite status.

Visitors can get creative with an explorer’s hat and bag, filled with a compass, tape measure and a magnifying glass to help them uncover Eastbourne’s Bronze Age Mystery and record their findings across the exhibition.

A brand new exhibition will be open in March 2017 on the changing coastline, over 5000+ years. The results from the archaeological digs on our down land will be on display at the new exhibition.

The new autumn opening times at the Pavilion are now 11am-4pm. Making Tracks: Eastbourne’s Bronze Age Mystery is open at the Pavilion on Royal Parade, Eastbourne until 18 December, entry is free of charge. For more information on the exhibition visit

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